We can offer advice and consultation services covering a range of welding topics including:

  • Welding processes
  • Welding techniques
  • Process optimization and productivity
  • Documented welding procedures including AS/NZS 1554, ASME IX etc
  • Products and equipment

Training & Qualification

We manage AS/NZS2980 welder qualification testing; this can be done at your location or within our welding booth.

For our trade customers only, we offer customised training at your workshop – the training can be individual or group training, and will be customised to your requirements. Training can be customized to welding in a new position, process, or for a specific job.

Welding Machine Repair

We have a qualified electrician that can service & repair most brands of welding machines, equipment, and can test and tag. In addition to service and repair, we offer an on-site preventative maintenance program.

Gas Equipment Repair

We can repair most brands of torches, regulators, etc.

Equipment Rental

We can offer daily, weekly, or monthly rentals on a variety of equipment including: MIG, TIG, Plasma, Gouging, Oxy Lance, Automated Carriages, and Specialised Equipment.

If you'd like to enquire about any of these services you can contact us via phone on (09) 636 0916 or through email at